Pothole Repair

If you had a hole in the wall of your house, would you tear the whole house down and rebuild it? Of course not. But most professional paving contractors want to tear out your driveway to fix potholes and cracks! They think that anything less isn’t worth their time. And the small pothole guys don’t have the expertise to do proper repairs. They buy cold fill from the hardware store which decays rapidly, leaving you with a hole full of loose gravel! We have high tech infred equipment that heats up the area and then we fill the pothole with hot asphalt from our asphalt recycling machine which seals the area from further decay.

Protect your employees and customers from injury that can be caused by potholes and depressions and protect yourself from a lawsuit by repairing your parking lot quickly and efficiently.

As soon as a pavement first shows signs of wear and tear such as raveling, transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks, or minor block cracking, it is in need of preventative maintenance. Effective preventative maintenance is an ongoing process that needs regular monitoring to ensure that treatment strategies are producing predicted results.